Capability Builder
A New Kind of People management

Why CapabilityBuilder?

It's time to stop managing performance and start leading people.

Developing People

We focus on professional development rather than performance management. By providing a structure for continuously growing capabilities our people-oriented approach helps you move beyond the restrictions of position descriptions and numerical targets.

Empowering Managers

Our unique front-line back approach empowers frontline managers to develop dynamic agile teams, using simple, intuitive tools that put them in the driving seat, without micro-management or excessive paperwork.

Building Trust

CapabilityBuilder generates clear, objective evidence for performance-related decisions as well as business cases for training and other expenditure. This gives senior leaders the confidence to delegate, while employees are assured of the fairness of the process

Our Tools

Our innovative tools are readily accessible to people on the front lines, offering real support
simple tools for creating personalised career journeys

We are your trusted partner in building the skills, capabilities and confidence of individuals, the key to creating high performing teams.

Our supportive, intuitive tools equip frontline managers and their people to create individualised career journeys and learning plans, and set realistic goals directly connected to core business.

Through a single-screen capability profile organisations are able to:
• Take control of recruitment and on-boarding
• Build effective induction and professional development systems
• Significantly reduce staff turnover
• Encourage staff to take on complex new roles
• Develop the leaders of tomorrow without bias.

  • Induction and onboarding become extended processes with clear expectations and learning objectives

  • Growing in their role, employees follow clear, customisable pathways to improve their performance

  • Mapping out clear opportunities for taking on new responsibilities and exploring new avenues for professional development

  • Established as experts in their field, recognized for their full value as leaders and mentors, with multiple pathways to transition


Meet our Founders

Steve Curry

Before founding CapabilityBuilder Steve lectured professional ethics and worked within Victoria Police and the Australian Red Cross. CapabilityBuilder is based on systems he developed for these large, complex organisations.

Steve is CEO of CapabilityBuilder.

Jeremy Aarons

Jeremy is a multidisciplinary expert with an enthusiasm for innovation and extensive experience spanning academia, government and industry.

Jeremy leads CapabilityBuilder’s product development.

Kevin Scott

An expert in education and change management Kevin headed the Victoria Police Academy from 2008-13, initiating groundbreaking reforms in its educational approach.

Kevin leads CabapilityBuilder’s business development.

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